Roof Restorations

Restore your roof & transform the look of your home

Your roof is a vital feature of your home – it protects you against the elements and keeps your home warm. So why not show it some TLC and make it look like new again.

You will add years to the life of your roof without the cost of installing a new one.

Our roof restoration service is the ideal solution when your tiles or metal sheeting are showing signs of age or look weathered.

Make your roof like new again

We start your roof restoration process with a thorough clean using a high pressure washer that generates 3200psi to cut through dirt, grime and moss.

We’ll carry out all necessary repairs including fixing broken tiles or replacing damaged sheets, sealing leaks and re-bedding or re-pointing.

Finally, we apply a weatherproof membrane for superior protection and durability, and a coat of colour that leaves your roof looking fresh and new.

We are fully licensed and insured to carry out: 

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