About Us

About Us

The satisfaction of taking a boring exterior or stale looking interior and bringing a property to life with a fresh coat of paint doesn’t grow tired for our team.

We love being able to give our clients a joyous boost with every paint stroke.

We pride ourselves on our many years of experience and our extensive knowledge of different types of paint products. It allows us to confidently advise which ones will work best for your project.

But we don’t just rely on what we already know. We continue to learn by staying up to date with the latest trends and technological advances because knowledge is our advantage.

We value our customers – their satisfaction is our priority. We appreciate that they recommend our business to their family and friends, even years after we painted their own homes.

Our reputation is also important to us. So too is our ethos: “Shield Painting Australia – for the protection you deserve”. What does that mean? It means we guarantee long lasting results – that’s why we stake our name on it. We use premium quality products because they ‘shield’ your property with lasting protection so you don’t have to re-paint or stain for years to come.

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