Give your home or business the protection it deserves

Put your painting project in experienced hands for reliable results. We only use high quality, tough and durable paint products for long lasting protection so you don’t have to re-paint or stain for years to come.

Whether you go neutral or be bold with colour, choose the painting team that sets the highest standard and won’t disappoint.

Our trusted process and technique

Wondering what sets Shield Painting Australia apart from the rest? It starts with our preparation because there’s more to painting than rolling colour on walls.

We move your furniture and cover your floors for protection, and repair damaged surfaces and fill gaps for a flawless finish.

When the painting is done, we carry out our final quality checks before returning your furniture to its place. Your satisfaction is our priority.

A few reasons why our clients choose us 👉


We’re confident we’re the best in the business – our generous word-of-mouth referrals tells us so.


Preparation is paramount and an important part of ensuring the job is done correctly.


We take every care to cover floors & protect furniture, and leave your premises clean and tidy.


Standards matter to us. We show up on time, and deliver results that exceed your expectations.

5-Year Guarantee

We guarantee our work for a full five years from the time we finish your project.

Because Quality Matters

We choose to use the Dulux product range because of its premium quality and superior performance. We sand for a smoother finish, apply two coats for best coverage, and deliver long lasting results.

We’re confident you’ll notice the Shield Painting difference.

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Making Safety A Priority

Painting exteriors takes some extra special care – especially if you have multi-levels or challenging terrains.

We take workplace safety standards seriously and adhere to strict safety guidelines when carrying out painting projects on multi-storey properties.

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