Epoxy Flooring Services

Long wearing solutions for the home garage

The concrete flooring in your home garage cops a beating – think oil spills, stains and scuffs. You can fortify your flooring and also preserve the surface with an epoxy floor coating.

The chemical reaction that epoxy creates will harden your floor and give it added durability. It will also help protect it against those pesky spills and stains.

Have a concrete floor man cave? We can add a special decorative feature to customise your new epoxy flooring for visual effect. A marble or confetti-like flake finish will enhance any space.

Reinforce your commercial & industrial floors with epoxy

Epoxy flooring is the perfect solution for commercial and industrial spaces that are subject to chemicals and oils and also have to withstand foot and machine traffic.

Epoxy coatings are tough enough to stand up to spillages, resistant to high temperatures and tolerant to wear and tear from heavy machinery and high traffic.

And because epoxy is so durable and offers superior hardness, it has a long lifespan which makes it cost-effective too.

Ideal for:

Decorative epoxy flooring

Flake flooring is an attractive alternative to a plain grey concrete. It features acrylic flakes in a range of hues and shapes that give your finished floor an impressive look.

We’ll apply an epoxy base coat to give your floor a durable surface before applying the decorative flakes. It’s ideal for hiding imperfections such as scratches and chips.

Our process is our difference

We start by preparing your existing flooring including diamond grinding the floor surface for the epoxy to adhere. We’ll clean to remove stains and patch cracks and repair imperfections for a better end result.

A high quality epoxy coating is professionally applied as well as any decorative finishes such as flakes. Once the epoxy cures, we’ll apply a top coat and soon you’ll be able to enjoy your new and resilient flooring.

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